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Israel Ploggers Rock!

Join the revolution! #BEAPLOGGER

Welcome to my website! I AM A PLOGGER! Plogging is a new craze that is taking the world by storm! It involves jogging and picking up trash and litter you see along the way! It is great fun and lots of great exercise. You don't even have to be a jogger! You can just grab a bag as you go out with your dog or your kids on the way to the park and make your neighborhood a cleaner place! Start today! #BEAPLOGGER


I am a Plogger

My Story

I heard about plogging and wanted to be a part of this wonderful, new, worldwide initiative. Everybody's neighborhood could be cleaner, no matter where you are, and you CAN make a difference! My goal is to unite with other ploggers across Israel and the world and let's all encourage each other through our stories to make the world a cleaner, better place!

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